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Rabid Dogs (2015)

Rabid Dogs (2015) in Urdu Subtitles Enragés (2015) (original title) in Urdu Subtitles After a bank job goes badly wrong, three desperate criminals take a young woman and a father and child hostage – it’s the beginning of a frantic and violent road trip that not all of them will survive. Director: Éric Hannezo

600 Miles (2015)

600 Miles (2015) in Urdu Subtitles 600 Millas (2015) (original title)  in Urdu Subtitles Arnulfo Rubio smuggles weapons for a deadly Mexican cartel. ATF agent Hank Harris attempts to apprehend him, but gets kidnapped by Rubio, instead. Rubio takes him to his bosses, but during the 600-miles-long drive, they slowly befriend. Director: Gabriel Ripstein Writers: Gabriel Ripstein,…

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We Are Pregnant (2016)

We Are Pregnant (2016) in Urdu Subtitles Embarazados (2016) (original title) in Urdu Subtitles It seems simple: an egg + sperm = one embryo. But if your sperm is “few, vague and abnormal” and your woman is premenopausal at age 37, things start to get complicated. Director: Juana Macías